Flappers Burbank Yoo Hoo

room 9:30pm July 5th  

10 bucks

(818) 845-9721

2018 Burbank Comedy Festival

August 12-19



Upcoming Shows

In addition to being an Emcee and Television Warm-up Comic I also do standup.

I perform as my alter ego Sylus Rothchild.  An evil 20's era villain.  I can even create a light hearted roast of your company and key staff.  And now for the traditional Bio.

Jeff Ahern has been performing stand up for 20 plus years.   He has television and commercial credits.  He has written for The Tonight Show and Us Weekly’s Fashion Police.  Currently Jeff works as a warm-up comic in Los Angeles for some of the hottest shows on television.   Jeff’s career has taken off now that he performs as The Most Evil Man In The Word, Sylus Rothchild. Part sociopath, part commentary on the world we live in today.  But most importantly, all funny.  Catch Sylus Rothchild as he tries to crush his enemies and make you laugh at the same time.   Sylus Rothchild-  The Most Evil Man in The World!

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